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ShowBox App Download 2016 – ShowBox APK (Latest Version of Show Box Free Movies App) – Updated on: April 29th, 2017: Technology has changed our lives and the way we do spend our time. Yes, it’s totally changed as we don’t need a person to spend our time with, as soon as you have a smartphone, you can easily spend hours of your time without the help of anybody. You can do many of your routine tasks by using appropriate apps on a smartphone. Smartphone is the best technology invention available in the market we all have welcomed this innovations. Who doesn’t like to use new technology and its great inventions? If you have a lot of free time to spend, you need to have a proper entertainment app installed on your device. Did you hear about the ShowBox app? ShowBox is what you need to install in order to get entertained within a smartphone. Following report will get you more information about this application and how you can download ShowBox for your smartphone, do follow the report now!

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Smartphones are running on a different platform, as there are hundreds of different types of smartphones available, there are a few smartphone platforms too available. Android, iOS, Windows Phone are the most popular smartphone platforms available at the present time. When it comes to a smartphone, Android comes first. Yes, being an open source platform, Android allows all the developers to develop and to test out their work without any other platforms. They can even put their work on the forum to get suggestions and feedback from the world’s users and testers. For such awesomeness, Android is loved by millions of its users. You too might be using an Android smartphone. Well, ShowBox application is available for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and for Windows and Mac system as well. If you are planning for some changes to be made in your lifestyle, just install ShowBox application and start watching your favourite movies and shows.

You might be wondering what is this ShowBox App and why does it so much popular in the world? If you are a new smartphone user or don’t have any information about this world’s best entertainment app, you can get all the information about this application from here. So, let’s get started with the ShowBox app!

ShowBox App Download for Android – Free Movies App

ShowBox is free application which allows you to let stream and watch all of your favourite Hollywood movies and TV Shows with full episodes for free without any hidden cost. It is actually possible and the app works smoothly as it is a very light weighted one, compatible with almost all types of Android smartphones. The app is loved by everyone and awarded as one of the most popular apps. Within the ShowBox, you can explore the world of entertainment at your fingertip. You don’t need to go anywhere or to pay anything to anyone, you can easily search for your favourite movies and can start watching it right away.

This is not done, you are allowed to select quality of the video or movie to watch according to your phone’s compatibility. If your phone’s support HD videos, you can select full HD quality to watch the selected items in full HD quality. It gives you a great experience on a smartphone, for free.

As you know, there are hundreds of different types of apps and games available to spend your time with, there are some people who just watch different types of videos and movies on their respective smartphones. Yes, they don’t look for anything else as soon as they have a couple of movies or some videos to their devices. Talking about this particular app, ShowBox is working with a good high speed internet connection, that is what all it requires. It doesn’t ask you to pay for anything or to do any additional changes in order to streaming out the movies of your favourite list. Everything is for free in ShowBox.

Unfortunately, ShowBox application is not officially available on Google Play Store for Android users. Developers have removed this app due to some legal contents issues. Well, there’s always a way! You can download and install ShowBox application on an Android smartphone or Android based devices with the help of the third party sources. You can download ShowBox APK file and can manually install it on a respective Android smartphones. The tutorial and the report that we have prepared here is for everyone. No matter whether you are a professional technical person or just a newbie who bought a smartphone, you can easily get this app installed on your smartphone and can start getting entertained on the go. What more could you ask for?

ShowBox offers a variety of extraordinary features for its users. If you have already made up your mind going with this application, it is better for you to know more about this application first. In order to know more about ShowBox and its working functionality, we have managed to create a list of its features here. You all are requested to kindly follow this list and get all the required information about this application. Take a look on to the list now!

Features of ShowBox Application for Smartphones

  • ShowBox serves a decent User Interface for everyone and for all types of people
  • It doesn’t require any technical skills to make use of it
  • Specially designed for all the Android generations
  • User can watch any of his favourite Hollywood movies in full HD quality
  • All the popular TV shows with full episodes are available to explored
  • Doesn’t ask you to enter login details
  • It works without login or any other personal information of its users
  • No need to enter username or Password in order to start using the application
  • ShowBox works on a good Internet connection and that’s what it requires
  • User can select the video quality according to the internet connection
  • Simple listings of all the latest hollywood movies and TV shows
  • Different categories to choose from on the homepage
  • Users are allowed to download the selected movie or TV Show instantly
  • Movies, Shows, My Library, Updates categories to explore the app easily
  • Watch your favourite Movies in the Movies category
  • Shows category offers all the TV Shows with full episodes
  • My Library section allows you to place your movies and shows for future

Updates gives you all the latest updates of the movies and TV shows which are made available recently

So folks, these were all the extraordinary features packed inside this amazingly popular app, ShowBox. The app is widely popular and can be installed easily on a respective Android device. In order to download ShowBox for your Android smartphone, kindly follow the below given Download button and get it from there.

Download ShowBox APK for Android


In order to download ShowBox application for a respective Android device, you just need to click on the above given Download button once. Downloading process will take place at the very next moment and you would get a proper APK file of ShowBox app downloaded to your desktop. Once you get the file, you need to manually install it on a respective device. If you are not aware about how to install an APK file on an Android smartphone, following steps will guide you properly.

Note : Since it’s a third party application, first you have to enable the Unknown Sources option from your Android device.

Go to : Menu >> Settings >> Unknown Sources

ShowBox APK 2

By enabling this option, you can install this application easily. It won’t interrupt you in any way, just tap and it will be installed on your device.

How to Install ShowBox APK on Android Smartphone?

Step 1 :

Make sure to download a proper APK file of the ShowBox application for your Android device.

Step 2 :

You are requested to follow the above mentioned download button. It will take a couple of minutes to complete the process. After a while, you will get a proper APK file of the ShowBox app on your device.

ShowBox APK 1

Step 3 :

Once you done with it, tap on the file once and select Install button from the page.

ShowBox APK 3

Step 4 :

Installation process will take place itself.

ShowBox APK 4

Step 5 :

Soon, ShowBox will be installed on your device and you will get a proper successful message as well.

ShowBox APK 5

ShowBox application has been installed successfully on your device. In order to use this application, you just need to open the apps menu of your Android. You could see an icon of this app, tap it out and the app will show you the movies on the homepage. You can select any movie from the page and can start streaming it out right now!

Did you know that, apart from Android smartphones and tablets, there are a few more devices which run on the same Android platform? Yes, Android platform based devices such as Kindle Fire, BlackBerry, ChromeCast are also supporting this application. And interestingly, you are allowed to install this app on these devices as well. All it requires is a bit of knowledge and you’re done with the installation process.

Furthermore, if you are using any of these devices and want to know how you can download and install ShowBox app on your device, following we have made short tutorials to install this app right away! Let’s get on to the tutorials now!

ShowBox for Kindle Fire

Step 1 :

First Gen Kindle Fire : Go to : Settings>> Devices>> Allow Installations of Applications

Other Gen Kindle Fire : Settings>> Applications>> Apps from Unknown Sources

Step 2 :

Now, you have to open the Web browser application from your device.

Step 3 :

Go to the following link and download the APK file of ShowBox app on your device.

Download ShowBox APK file

Step 4 :

Double tap on the file and select Install button when asked. The app will be installed on your Kindle Fire device.

ShowBox for ChromeCast to Stream Movies on Television

Step 1 :

Download and install the AllCast application from Google Play Store.

ShowBox for ChromeCast

Step 2 :

Now, you have to download and install the APK file of ShowBox application by following the below given link.

Step 3 :

Once you get the APK file of ShowBox application, you need to manually install it on your device.

Step 4 :

Follow the tutorial 1 to install an APK file to your Android smartphone.

Step 5 :

Once the app is installed, launch it on a device and select the movie. On the main page of the movie, you could see an option Player. Kindly select this Player option and then choose Other Player option. You would be asked to select AllCast option. Just select this option and you’re done!

This is how you can download and install ShowBox app to your Android in order to run it through the ChromeCast application. You need to follow all the instructions given above in order to use ShowBox.

ShowBox for iPhone and iPad

If you would like to use ShowBox on an iPhone or iPad, check out the tutorial below showing you how to install download and install the ShowBox app on iOS:

ShowBox for iPhone and iPad Download

Also check out: ShowBox for BlackBerry Download

ShowBox for PC – Windows and Mac

In addition, ShowBox for PC is also available. You can download and Install ShowBox application on a Windows or Mac system. If you are willing to do so, you just need to follow a few simple basic steps. Following steps will help you to download and install this application to your respective Windows or Mac system.

ShowBox application is specially designed for Android devices and to make use of this application, you have to download its APK file. Yes, since there is no any legal way to download and install the application, you have to download ShowBox APK file in order to start using it on a respective device.

In order to download and install ShowBox application to your PC, first you have to download a proper Android Emulator on your system. You have to follow all the instructions well and you will be allowed to install ShowBox Application on the system. The same process goes for Mac, ShowBox for Mac can be availed with the help of an Android emulator. Kindly follow the respective links given below from which you will get all the information about the process.

ShowBox for PC Download – Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10

ShowBox for Mac Download – iMac and MacBook Pro / Air

What’s your take on this? Did you enjoy using the ShowBox app? Do share your suggestions and feedback on the same. If you have anything further to ask, do let us know in the comments given below this tutorial. We’d definitely like to give you a proper solution.

ShowBox App Download
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